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Top 10 Reasons to Visit The Dusty Parachute in 2015

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New Year’s Day is the perfect time to reflect back on the past year (while lying hungover on the couch eating stale Christmas cookies.) Many of the bloggers I follow are doing fun ‘Top 20 Posts of 2014’ lists. I thought of doing something similar but seeing as how I have only done around 30 posts since starting The Dusty Parachute a few months ago, that would be like saying “Come to the site & read everything!”

So, instead I’ve categorized some of my 2014 posts to help give you an idea of which ones you will enjoy most based on your interests.  Assuming that many of my 2015 posts will fall into these same categories, it also doubles as a “Top 10 Reasons to Visit The Dusty Parachute in 2015”.

You like to laugh at other people acting like idiots

My Pumpkin Text Fail

Care Instructions for a 1 Year Old (Interpreted by the Grandparents)


You like taking Facebook personality quizzes

I’m an Enigma, Wrapped in a Mystery, Wrapped in Comfortable Mom Pants


You follow a frugal and/or lazy parenting philosopy

Dear Elfy, The Ron Swanson of Elves

Halloween, 70’s Style

Wishing You a Very Craigslist Christmas


You love your pets (Even when 2 of them require a Dexter-kill-room type set up to contain their litter box issues).

9 Tips for Living a Happy Life, From My Dog

The 3 Stages of Playing Boardgames with Cats

My New Geriatric Pet-Proofing Service


You love your kids (even when they’re pushing the limits of your annual medical coverage cap)

Another “Legitimate” Reason I Can’t Go Back to Work


You love reading (and think all book clubs should involve excessive amounts of wine.)

5 Reasons You Should Read ‘The Shell Collector’ by Hugh Howey

The Silent Victims of Our (Loud) Book Club


You enjoy whining about first-world problems (I sure have a lot of posts in this category)

Help Me Remodel (Two) Bathrooms

Who Needs a Shower Anyway?

My Sh*tty Morning

Lego Zoe Loves Her Short Sassy Hair


You’re interested in social media data and algorithms

How to Follow the Facebook Pages You’ve Followed

A Tribute to My Amazing Husband (after 2 glasses of wine)


You have a phobia about Twitter

I’m a Facebook Girl Living in a Twitter World


You have a phobia about pooping in public restrooms

5 (Okay 2) Totally Legitimate Reasons to Not Go Back to Work


Thank you so much for visiting in 2014. I’ve enjoyed all of your comments and I look forward to seeing you again in 2015!


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