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Touch a Truck Austin 2017

Don’t Miss “Touch a Truck” Austin!

When you ask kids about the heroes they admire, some may answer with a list of animated Super Heroes like Spiderman and Batman, but more than likely, you’ll hear a lot of responses about the every day heroes in their lives.



For my son, the heroes are firemen with their giant, shiny, red trucks. He used to watch Fireman Sam non-stop and would stop and stare at attention any time a firetruck drove by.
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Some Thoughts on Miscarriage Laws from a Woman Who has Miscarried.

Some Thoughts On Miscarriage Laws From a Woman Who Has Miscarried.

Pro-life and pro-choice are two groups which typically do not intersect in the minds of many people. As a venn diagram, the two circles probably don’t overlap, or even touch. According to many people, they can’t even be on the same piece of paper.

For the record, I am pro-choice, however suffering through multiple miscarriages when trying to conceive my second child, was definitely not my choice. In fact, with each of these three, brief pregnancies, I was as pro-life as you can get. I was wishing and praying for life so much that it consumed my every thought as I obsessively charted basal temperature calendars and monitored home pregnancy tests as they gradually faded from ‘bold plus sign’ to a faded dash that looked like an etch-a-sketch which was half-shaken clean.

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Woman Totally Offended By Trump

A few of my friends from various walks of life have shared a post on Facebook called, “Woman Not Offended by Trump.”

Since I like and respect many of the women who shared it, I decided to give it a read and open myself up to another point of view.

I came away discouraged and saddened that there are women who just “don’t get” how offensive Donald Trump’s behavior and statements are – I’m sure it’s very similar with how frustrated they are that I “don’t get” how they think it’s not a big deal.

In an effort to share how I have formed my opinions about Trump’s behavior, I have done a counter-point take on the “Woman Not Offended by Trump,” post, appropriately named, “Woman Totally Offended by Trump.”
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Why My Listen to Your Mother Performance Included a Parental Warning

Immediately after my Listen to Your Mother performance in May, our amazing photographer, Casey Chapman Ross, gave me a little nudge and said, “just wait until you see the shot I got.”

It was this one. And it perfectly captured the essence of my LTYM Performance.

Listen To Your Mother Austin - How to Receive A Parental Warning for Your LTYM Performance
I’m saying exactly what you think I’m saying.  Photo by Casey Chapman Ross

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Why You Should Know About Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Imagine not being able to speak to your family and friends. In your head, you know the exact words you want to say, but when you try to cue your mouth to create the sounds, it ignores your commands, leaving you frustrated, confused … silent.

Now imagine that you’re also three years old. That’s what it’s like living with Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
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HEB Buddy Buck

13 Steps of Playing the HEB Buddy Buck Machine

For those of you who don’t live in Texas, let me take a moment to explain HEB & the HEB Buddy Buck machine.

HEB is the big grocery chain here. It’s pronounced by saying the actual letters, H–E–B. It is not pronounced Heb, like Jeb, and more importantly, it’s not pronounced Hebe, like the ethnic slur. HEB stands for Howard Edward Butt, (cue giggling children.)
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How to "Fix" an Injured Butterfly in 10 Easy Steps

How to “Fix” an Injured Butterfly in 10 Easy Steps

It’s that time of year again! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the leaves are back on the trees. Ahhhh Spring has sprung! Perhaps my favorite part of spring is welcoming the wide assortment of butterflies that come to visit us in our back yard to snack on one of the Crepe Myrtles or get a drink from the birdbath.

Sadly, from time to time we encounter a butterfly that has been injured. I like to think the injury was a result of some type of West Side Story butterfly street fight but more likely it was just due to the excessive enthusiasm of a two year old with a net and bad aim. There’s not much sadder than the sight of a beautiful butterfly grounded due to a torn wing.
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