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A Tribute to My Amazing Husband (after 2 glasses of wine)


My husband’s first book was released today.

I had planned on making him a special celebratory dinner before he left to New York, but since I couldn’t go to the store after our daughter came home sick yesterday, we ended up having eggs for dinner instead.

I thought maybe I could squeeze some congratulations in this morning, (not a euphemism), but he got up quietly to take care of our daughter at 5:00 am when she was feeling sick again and had to work some timing miracles to get in to vote in today’s election before his flight left.  Before I could remind the kids to congratulate daddy on his big day, he was already reminding them to be nice to me on my birthday, in a few days.

I wanted to do a spectacular review of his book (which truly is fantastic, and an important and interesting read for anyone interested in social media, real time marketing, Twitter, data, or even just pop culture events). But, I figured the wife of the author might come off as a little biased, so I just smiled as I saw other reviewers echoing all the things I wanted to say.

Instead, I’m going to share these wonderful Super Hero photos. This is my husband’s 3rd trip to NY in the past few weeks, and each visit, he takes a different set of Super Hero stickers (dictated by our 5 year old) and weaves together fun stories of their adventures through the city and sends them throughout the day.  Here are just a few:





Today, on what should be the most exciting day of his career, when he’s rushing across the country, and (if I know him), running a bunch of scripts, crunching even more data for tomorrow’s analyses, he also took the time to make the day special for our kids.

So, tomorrow, when he’s running around New York, taking time in between meetings to photograph little Super Hero stickers in front of New York landmarks, we’ll be thinking our our Super Hero, behind the camera: Proud of the release of his new book and excited to have him home again soon so we can officially celebrate this special day.

For more information, (about the book, not the stickers):

You can also follow all his brilliant data’ing on Twitter @chriskerns


And he doesn’t like a lot of fuss, so if you run into him, don’t let him know I mentioned anything……


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