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5 Reasons You Should Read The Shell Collector by Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey’s latest book, The Shell Collector, was released this weekend and here are just a few of the reasons I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did:

  1. You liked 50 Shades of Grey but prefer your S&M to stand for ‘Shells’ & ‘Mystery’.  The Shell Collector takes all the elements of a fun romance read, (sexual tension, a super hot leading man who’s completely loaded) and partners them with an important environmental message and the page turning mystery of ‘what is that Ness Wilde up to, anyway?”
  2. You loved the Wool/Silo series but always hoped Juliette would bust out of the silo and find a sandy (non-apocolyptic) beach to hang out on with an umbrella drink. (And if you have not read the Wool series, then you now know what you should be reading after you’re done with The Shell Collector).
  3. You have a deep, seething disgust and hatred for the oil tycoons of the world and have a secret fantasy of getting to be the one to wear a wire, expose them and send them to prison for the rest of their lives.
  4. You are worried about global warming and the irreversible effects on the environment and could use some hot love scenes to take your mind off of it for a while.
  5. You’re curious if it’s possible to have sex in a submarine. (Not telling – you have to read it to find out.)

I was so excited to be selected as part of the Shell Collector ‘Street Team’ and received an advance copy of the ebook so I could help spread the word for its release on December 14th. I devoured the book on our recent flights to and from Disneyland (Warning to any claustrophic readers out there, I don’t recommend reading the submarine scene while on plane, it becomes quite the full sensory experience.)

Although I’ve been busy spreading the word on Facebook & Twitter, I’m apologetically late with this review. For some reason it’s easy for me to go on for 2 pages about my leaky shower pan, but when I have to talk about someone else’s work, I clam up (pun only slightly intended…get it….clam….shells?) Since my listicle cannot do justice to this really entertaining book, I encourage you to head over to Amazon to check out some of the much more thorough reviews there.

How I found out about The Shell Collector

I became a fan of Hugh Howey in 2011, as soon as I started the Wool series. My friend, Adam had recommended it and I bought it with an “it’s $.99, what do I have to lose?” attitude and was hooked after the first book.

I started to realize that there was something special about the series when a few weeks after posting a recommendation on Facebook, several friends started going out of their way to thank me for the recommendation. (My sister in law loved him so much she even did one of his ‘meet ups’ when he was in her area – lucky duck.) Some of them were sci-fi fans already, but for others this was their first time exploring the genre and, like me, became Hugh Howey fans immediately.

Since then, I’ve read (and loved) Sand Omnibus, and have also bought his kids book, Misty: The Proud Cloud (Signed Limited Edition) for my son. I also credit Hugh with single-handedly saving me from giving up on Twitter a few months ago.

In addition to being a very talented writer, Hugh is leading a revolution in independent publishing and generously shares what he has learned along the way with other authors through articles that he posts on his website and on his Facebook page. This is also where he posts fun opportunities for his fans, such as getting advance copies of upcoming books.  You can also find him on Twitter.

And while you’re following people on Facebook and Twitter, be sure to follow me at:






In an effort to learn more about the affiliate program I have been playing around with the links in this article.  If you can see them below, it means I was even successful coding in some of the affiliate image/links.  So, if you click through one of these links to purchase one of Hugh’s books, I receive 75% of all of his profits (okay, I think I get a few pennies thrown in my general direction).  My intention here was to learn about the links and the coding, not to make money.  If you’re interested in Hugh’s books, you certainly don’t have to go through my links, but however, you get there, I do encourage you to check them out.


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4 thoughts to “5 Reasons You Should Read The Shell Collector by Hugh Howey”

  1. Not really a fan of science fiction but enjoyed the read. Laughed out loud at #1 of your five reasons to read The Shell Collector. Now I think I will read Wool. I also started following you on Twitter. Thanks for your humor and I will wait to receive the puppy.

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