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Woman Totally Offended By Trump

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A few of my friends from various walks of life have shared a post on Facebook called, “Woman Not Offended by Trump.”

Since I like and respect many of the women who shared it, I decided to give it a read and open myself up to another point of view.

I came away discouraged and saddened that there are women who just “don’t get” how offensive Donald Trump’s behavior and statements are – I’m sure it’s very similar with how frustrated they are that I “don’t get” how they think it’s not a big deal.

In an effort to share how I have formed my opinions about Trump’s behavior, I have done a counter-point take on the “Woman Not Offended by Trump,” post, appropriately named, “Woman Totally Offended by Trump.”

I have tried to be respectful of the author, but wasn’t as respectful of Trump. Mostly, because I’m sure the author is a nice lady that I would enjoy going out for drinks with whereas Trump is a sexist, misogynist, egotistical, narcissist.

Her statements copied word for word are in bold italics, mine are below in regular type.


I’ve tried to stay out of publicly commenting about the upcoming election.

I’ve tried to too, but this election is too important to stay quiet.


Opinions are like buttholes – everyone has one and no one wants to hear it. I am making an exception because what I have to say needs to be said.

What a coincidence! I’m also speaking up because I think Donald Trump is like a butthole: He’s full of shit and he spends most of his time polluting the world with the sounds that come out of him.


For the record, I don’t like either of the candidates.

For the record, I do like Hillary Clinton.


But I have two to pick from and I have a civic duty to pick.

Although voting is a right, it’s not technically a duty, in that you don’t have to vote.  However, I would agree that if you DO vote, it should be your duty to be informed with actual facts….Sadly, most people are not.


Not voting isn’t an option.

As mentioned above, it actually IS an option to not vote.


One of the two will be our next POTUS. Voting for an independent or a write-in is evading the duty we have before us.

I wish I could evade the doodie we have before us!…..Oh, you weren’t referring to Trump?


As a white, college educated woman, I am not offended by Donald Trump.

As a white, college educated woman, I am totally offended daily by Donald Trump.


I am confident in who I am as a woman. What he says is a reflection on him, not on me.

I am confident in who I am as a woman. What he says is a reflection on him, not on me.

Holy shit, we agreed on something!!!


Men talk. Men tell big stories about their sexual prowess.

They do! I’ve heard some brag about how big their dicks are or how they want to get a piece of some girl’s hot ass.  It’s gross. But, I have NEVER heard ANY MAN brag about how he can force their hand/tongue/mouth/dick/whatever upon any woman, no matter how hot her ass is. That is, until I heard Donald Trump, brag about it on tape.


Women are equally as raunchy (sometimes more so).

Women can get raunchy. You should hear how bad our book club can get after a few bottles of Prosecco. We zoom in on pictures of David Beckham’s butt pretending we’re looking at his watch, but I don’t recall any of us bragging about how what we REALLY like doing is grabbing men’s crotches before they have a chance to defend themselves….


…….but maybe it’s just because we’re not rich and famous.  THEN David Beckham better start wearing that athletic cup of his 24/7.


Who bought all those copies of 50 Shades of Grey?

Wow, the 50 Shades of Grey argument again.  I guess you could use that comparison if instead of bragging about kissing and grabbing the pussies of unsuspecting women, Trump bragged about going up to women, and once they showed a reciprocal interest in him, asking them sign a detailed legal contract about what they are comfortable having him do to their pussy.

Have y’all even read the book?


You can pick from what some have dubbed: 1. A Chauvinistic Pig who doesn’t seem to fit their idea of presidential,

I agree with those points, but would also add:

  • Trump has insulted American POWs, Mexicans, African Americans, those with special needs, women and many more.
  • Trump has lied about opposing the Iraq war.
  • Trump has not released his taxes & the tax return we have seen shows almost a billion dollar loss, demonstrating that a) he’s not a great businessman, b) he likely hasn’t paid federal taxes in years.
  • Trump bragged the DAY AFTER 9/11 that now his building was the tallest in New York.
  • Trump has shown admiration for people like Putin, Hussein and Kim Jong-Un.
  • Trump has run several businesses into bankruptcy.
  • Trump has proposed a complete ban on immigration based on a religion.
  • Trump has polluted our entire political process to the point of bringing up the size of his penis in a presidential debate.

Seriously, even ONE of his smallest daily infractions would have caused prior candidates to be automatically disqualified.  Do you all think he’s going to invite you onto his next weird reality show if you vote for him?


or 2. A Lying Con-artist who thinks she is above the law.

I don’t know if she believes she’s above the law, but when investigated she does tend to be found not guilty.  Often that’s because there simply isn’t evidence to her guilt, but I’ve watched enough House of Cards to not believe that anyone in politics has completely clean hands. I rely on the courts to make these judgments.


Your choice will depend on what is more important to you.

I think I’ll go ahead and stick with Hillary seeing as how she’s not a national embarrassment that threatens our country’s position in the world or sets a tragic example for what it means to be a “leader” for my children.

I also like that she has spent an entire career fighting for children, women, LGBT and families, and also working to secure healthcare for those in need, like children & 9/11 responders.


I can’t comprehend those who are appalled at the fact that I am not offended by Trump.

Then you would totally be looking at me like



You can’t have it both ways.

I think “not having it both ways” is kind of the point of an election.


You can’t want me to be equal and have thick skin and look at the big picture, but at the same time be a weak flower, who is easily offended by every micro sentence stated.

I don’t think it makes you thick skinned to ignore the pattern of abuse that Trump has demonstrated his entire life. I think it makes you insensitive and completely lacking empathy. I think it means you have blinders on and are choosing not to see the pattern because you don’t want to believe it.

I also don’t think it makes someone a “weak flower” to be offended by every sentence (micro/macro/or otherwise) that Trump says.

I think it makes someone a pretty bad-ass “bush” to have the balls to stand up for the rights of other women’s pussies that are being assaulted by Trump or any other abuser.


Before you go off on a tangent about any other agenda here, let me reiterate this post is strictly about thinned skinned people who are easily offended. That’s all it’s about.

If you were just talking about all of the insulting garbage that comes out of Trump’s mouth, you may have a better argument about the thin-skinned part:




Not a 10 because she’s flat chested

Those are the subjective rants of a cowardly bully.

If your child came home from school and some little jerk on the playground called them fat, ugly and stupid, you would explain that that person is just a cowardly bully and, to your earlier point, what they are saying reflects on the bully, not on your child.  You would likely tell them that there will be bullies on every playground of life so you have to “toughen up that skin” and learn to ignore them.  Fair enough, perhaps the “thin skinned” argument works here.

But, if that same bully came up to your kid and told her he wishes he could get a look at her tits, get his hand down her pants or have her give him a blow job, do you still think she’s being “thin skinned” when she’s offended?

Is that just “locker room talk”?

Is that just a boy being a boy?

Is it her job to toughen up or his job to not be a sick asshole?

Now, if that same bully pushed your child into a closet or against a wall, grabbed her “pussy”, or her breasts or forcibly kissed her, would you still just tell you child they’re being thin skinned when they come to you, scared, tearful and ashamed about what has happened to them?  Would you call your daughter a “delicate flower” because she is traumatized and “offended” that a person in power has violated her body?  Would you tell your daughter to vote for that kid for student body president?

What if that bully wasn’t a student?

What if they were a teacher or another person in power?

Would you tell your daughter she was being thin skinned if her teacher bragged in the teacher’s lounge that he could grab any student’s pussy he wanted because he could give them a good grade?

Do you find THAT offensive?

This was not locker room talk, and the things that he is doing and saying are not just “mean”.

What Trump said was a confession of an assault, (or of multiple assaults.)

And for all of us who have been assaulted or know people who have, we are deeply offended. Not because he said some dirty words, (pussy, pussy, pussy, I could say pussy all day long!) but because he has violated women and then went on to not only have no remorse, but to brag and laugh about his abuses.


No one can make you feel inferior (offended, angry, etc.) without your permission.

And no one should be able to grab your breasts or pussy, or kiss you without your permission.


If you choose to be offended by something … well, why would you choose that?

I think that’s the exact point.  These women did not have a choice.


Seems counter productive to me.

Seems criminal to me.


Suck it up, buttercup.

Kick him in the nuts, buttercup.

Don’t stay quiet, don’t grow tough skin.

The Trumps of this world have already made us too thick skinned. We’ve spent out lives becoming desensitized to this type of behavior and that’s why so many women are able to not see his words as a big deal.

“It’s just Locker Room talk.”

“All guys say things like that.”

“I get my ass grabbed at bars all the time, that’s just how it is.”


But it’s not….and it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t laugh off offensive jokes.

Don’t feel like you have to be polite when some asshole gets too close or “accidentally grazes” your body.

Teach your daughter the scripts to help empower her in these situations.

Raise your sons to not only know that “no means no”, but to be the kind of boys who don’t even have to be told no.


Whether your skin is thick or thin, no one should ever get to touch it without your permission.


Because I think we can all agree, that kind of behavior is truly offensive.

Woman Totally Offended By Trump

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  1. Hi Susanne,
    I saw your blog link on the Bloggess. This is a perfect reply and I agreed with all of your points. I did notice a typo on line 20 reply Before you go… would you still just tell you child…”your” in case you want to change it for posterity. I signed up to follow your blog but I don’t use other social media. Great job. I am very impressed.

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