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Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute

Throw a Fun (and Easy) Toy Story Birthday Party

Do you have a little Toy Story fan in your life?

Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute

My son used to LOVE Toy Story and for his 4th birthday he begged for a Toy Story themed birthday.

Perfect! Toy Story! Finally a request with readily available decorations vs the previous year’s ‘Fireman Sam’ request which is apparently only popular in England.  (I don’t even pay regular shipping charges for party supplies….there’s no way I’m paying international!)

It should have been easy….except for his birthday cake request.

He wanted a birthday cake featuring a reenactment of the dump scene from Toy Story 3.

Do you remember that one? Yep, it’s the one where all the beloved characters say their traumatic, tear-filled, goodbyes as they face certain death while getting sucked into the incinerator. The same scene that made my husband return home from taking the kids to the movie theater with a shocked look on his face saying, “the end of that movie was a cross between Alien & The Shawshank Redemption!”

It just screams “Happy Birthday!”

But in my 9 years as a parent, I have done my best to honor all of the strange birthday cake requests that my kids throw my way, so I was up to the challenge.

After all, how can you say no to the kid that loves Toy Story so much that he wore this Buzz Lightyear costume (that his sister MacGyvered together out of an Amazon box and a backpack) all day, every day for over a month.

Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute
I don’t remember the part where Buzz Lightyear rode the pink unicorn and pool noodle. Must have been a deleted scene.

I’ll get to the decorations & favors shortly, but as with most things in life, I will start with the cake.

So, how does one create molten recycling garbage using only edible items?  I needed something red, but not bright red, with bits of orange  and brown for accents.  His birthday is near Halloween so fortunately we had some orange at our disposal.

Crumbled up orange candy-corn pumpkins?

Crushed orange lifesavers?

Ah hah! Halloween Oreos!

Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute

That took care of the brown & orange, but I still needed some red.

(Cue mental flashback to Steel Magnolias.)

“Worse, the cake part is red velvet cake. Blood red!! People are gonna be hackin’ into this poor animal that looks like it’s bleedin’ to death.”

Red Velvet Cake! Perfect!

Of course, to be safe, we should really make a prototype the week before to make sure it looks sufficiently molten-dump’ish.

Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute

We also considered using gigantic piles of red & orange sugar crystals and let Zurg be the judge.  Zurg suggested that perhaps piles of orange and red dyed sugar crystals wouldn’t be the best thing to feed a dozen 4-year-olds.

Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute
Oreo/Red Velvet cake mix is our winner!

As with all of my cake decorations, my one requirement is that any inedible part of the cake needs to be something that can be reused or played with again in the future.

Lucky for me, I was able to find this fun (and relatively inexpensive) Toy Story Action Links Junkyard Escape and assemble it around the cake. For $20 plus the cost of a boxed cake (and a bag of Halloween Oreos, with plenty left for ‘sampling’) we had a fun cake and a toy that my son still plays with two years later.

Toy Story Birthday Party -
Toy Story Birthday Party -
After. Certainly not ‘pretty’ but as easy as it gets to make and was a big hit with the kids.


Toy Story Birthday Party -
Yes, I am slightly concerned that my 4 year old chose the most horrifying scene in the history of kids’ movies as his birthday cake theme.  Next year: A reenactment of Bambi’s mother getting shot!


Toy Story Birthday Party -
There are minimum space requirements for this cake. (And no, I don’t hang out with aliens, I intentionally blurred out faces so you couldn’t tell how much better looking my friends are than me.)

You may be saying to yourself, “hey, this is the only picture that looks like it wasn’t taken by a monkey with a disposable camera.” That’s because my dear friend, Lindsey’s kids were at the party and she snapped a couple of shots. She’s amazing so I’m totally pimping her at Lindsey J Baker Photography in Austin.

You wouldn’t believe it based on how much time I’ve spent talking about the cake, but there were actually some other elements to the party.

I’m a big fan of decorating with toys that we already have laying around the house. Here’s Zurg (and our dog, Jackson) greeting guests as they arrive.

Toy Story Birthday Party -


I love using re-usable wall clings (shown here with Jesse and Mr. Potato head) to decorate for parties. Once the party is over we use them to decorate they kid’s room until the next party. Click here for more information on Disney “Toy Story 3″ Wall Decal Cutouts 18″x40”

Toy Story Birthday Party -


We made “The Claw” by overlapping two long strips of cardboard (reenforced with extra cardboard at the folds) and covered with tin foil. Again, not gorgeous but a big hit with a room full of 4 year olds.)

Toy Story Birthday Party -


The most Pinterest-y part of the party was definitely the goodie bags (primarily because I totally stole the idea from Pinterest.)  As you might expect, they took approximately forever to make, but dang are they cute!

Toy Story Birthday Party -


Inside the party bags we had Toy Story Play Packs & Miniature Slinky Dogs that we were able to find 4-packs for about $6. Some ding dong is trying to sell them for almost $30 now, but I’m sure you can find them somewhere cheaper.

Toy Story Party - The Dusty Parachute

Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute


For the Pizza Planet sign, we printed out the Pizza Planet logo on a regular piece of letter sized paper and glued it to a piece of poster board that we had cut in the shape of the space ship (and colored in the red accents with marker.)

We bought one over-priced Toy Story themed tablecloth and cut and taped the inexpensive green one on each side to cover the table. We used the leftover green tablecloth strips to decorate other areas, like the goodie-bag table.

Toy Story Birthday Party -


My favorite part of the party was letting our little Buzz Lightyear open one of his presents early: A REAL Buzz Lightyear costume to replace the worn out cardboard version that he and his sister made.  (There’s a funny story behind the pumpkin in the background if you have a minute to spare.)

Toy Story Birthday Party -


You could tell by that smile that he was not going to be taking this costume off any time soon.

Toy Story Birthday Party -


Not even to go grocery shopping….

Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute


Or to go to karate class….

Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute
In his defense, it was actually Halloween dress up day at karate….I guess no one else not the memo.


And of course, Halloween.

Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute


Even as he gets older and has moved into Star Wars, Buzz Lightyear still makes an appearance.

Toy Story Birthday Party - The Dusty Parachute


Here’s wishing your little Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Zurg, Wheezy or whoever your child loves from Toy Story, a very Happy Birthday!

Toy Story Birthday Party -


Here are some links to get more information about some of the items mentioned in this post.


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  1. Good thing you are so funny or I’d be tempted to hate you…the cake is AWESOME and you sort of remind me of like a cross between Donna Reed and Martha Stewart (just creativity-wise…you are much nicer than Martha). Anyway, this is great and I’m not showing it to my kids because it will put ideas in there head, and I’m sort of a cross between Rosanne and I can’t think of anyone else…so I guess I’m just Rosanne.

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