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Enter to Win the Dusty Parachute Console-ation Prize

It has been a prize filled week, and I don’t want it to end.

Last week I won a Liebster Award, thanks to Kirsten at Kids Are a Trip.

On Thursday, I went to have my first mani/ped in 4 years thanks to a contest that I won which was hosted by Kristin at Two Cannoli.

Before this week, my lifetime achievements/prizes included:

  • 2nd Grade – A case of motor oil at a school carnival
  • 9th Grade – Most Valuable Typist
  • College Graduation – Most Valuable Student in Marketing
  • Yr 2 of my last job – A really over the top ‘Queen for the Day’ Award where I was sent away to the spa for a day after completely losing my sh*t after several 90 hour weeks and having to pull together a giant client presentation for 200 Marketing Directors at one of the top 10 companies in the world while also trying to get 30 of their campaigns live at the same time.  (Did I mention I completely lost my sh*t?)

When they’re wonderful spa packages, prizes are fun.

When they’re silly, and ‘in name only’, prizes are still fun.

Which is the spirit in which I formed “The ‘Console’-ation Prize”.

As I was driving to my mani/pedi on Thursday, I looked down at my center console, which was also serving as my lunch plate, holding a slice of cold pizza and my beverage in a Nuk sippy cup, I thought….

”Oh dear God, please tell me that that there are others out there that have center consoles that look as scary as mine.”

When you think of it, the center console of your car is essentially like the ‘inside of your purse’ of the car. Some spare change, weird stuff the kids hand you, emergency snacks, some receipts, mail, usually at least one half drunk water bottle and about five other things that are really hard to explain.

Essentially, a pile of things that are not really important but within arms reach in case you ever (let’s be honest, you’ll never) need them. (And to humiliate you when your son’s teacher walks up to the car at drop off and you have to try to casually lean over to cover the entire thing with the sleeve of your coat).

So flaunt your stuff, ladies.

Show me what you’ve got!

Send me your photos and a quick blurb of what the hell you’ve got going on in there.

I’ll start:


The Dusty Parachute console includes:

  • Pre-spa lunch of the kids’ leftover cold pizza
  • Sippy cup, containing relatively fresh water
  • Water bottle and receipt from ‘The Parking Spot’ from our return from Disneyland a week earlier.
  • A Z-Bar wrapper, being pinned down by said water bottle (was an emergency snack on the way to karate last week)
  • 4 Starbucks drink hole-pluggers. (Are these reallllly necessary?)
  • HEB ‘Buddy Buck’ prize stickers (would require a whole post to explain).
  • Hotel pens….(the Caesars Palace pen does actually have an entire story behind it if I ever get my act together and submit it to “It’s Really 10 Months” for their next anthology.)
  • Last, but not least…a fuse bead star that my daughter made years ago, which I almost accidentally donated to her class store. She caught it there in the nick of time, and gave me a guilt trip worthy of me trying to sell one of her critical organs. That fact that it’s still there after 2 months demonstrates that a) She really couldn’t care less and b) I’m a super, duper slob.

I’ve shown you mine.

Now show me yours!

Include a picture and a couple of sentences, or if it leaves you speechless, let your photo speak your 1000 words for you (or if you’re a big ole over-explainer like me, you can go all crazy with your explanation.)

The How To’s


Do it now!  Once we hit 50 entries, they will be judged by my husband and me after consuming excessive amounts of Bulleit bourbon.

If you are the winner, I will arrive on your doorstep, Ed McMahon style to present your prize. (Or I’ll just post it on my Facebook page).

What do you win? An amazing collection of prizes inspired by my console:

  • A $5 Starbucks gift card (a la my Starbucks hole-plugger collection)
  • A Oatmeal Z bar (Because they come in the Costco Z bar case and my kids only want the brownie and chocolate chip flavor.
  • A fuse bead creation, created at the hand of a lovely 9 year old
  • And maybe a little something extra from my 5 year old who likes to just collect stuff from the house and wrap it and give it away as presents.
  • And, of course, the honor of winning the Dusty Parachute ‘Console’-ation Prize and having the official #consoleofshame

May the Odds Be Ever In Your Console.


Would love global entries, but budget only permits shipping prize packages within the US.



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3 thoughts to “Enter to Win the Dusty Parachute Console-ation Prize”

  1. Cute! My Mini Cooper doesn’t have room for a console, thankfully! I have a little pocket that I keep toothpicks for The Hubby & a hair clip for my Lion’s Mane! Right now I have a lipstick that I need to exchange. Your console is so much better!

  2. This is so funny. Unfortunately hubby has my car (and console) because he received a ticket for expired tags today (yep, they expired in August). Funny, he wants to blame me, but I a) don’t drive his car, so why would I notice and b) never received anything from the state. If I get a chance later, I will take a console picture, but I don’t think there is much exciting in there at the moment. : (

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