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Things I do to avoid starting my job search….

My goal for today was to figure out the WordPress format for my blog.  Instead, after 2 hours of trying unsuccessfully to get thumbnail images to show up on the IMG_5228homepage, I decided to redirect my energy to something much more pressing….determining the temperature inside my bathroom cabinet.  This became important after I happened to glance down at the box of my kids’ allergy medicine and see that it should be “stored at under 77 degrees”.  Considering I set the thermostat at 77 degrees…and this cabinet is on an exterior wall…and it’s August, I figured some research was in order.  We’re currently at 78 degrees which can only mean that all of our medicine has been rendered useless, yet I will continue to give it to my children, counting on the placebo effect.  In better news, I did finally figure out the thumbnails so that you can enjoy the photo of this little thermometer girl smiling while $100 worth of Claritin explodes in my closet.

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The Dusty Parachute by Susanne Kerns

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The Dusty Parachute by Susanne Kerns
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