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    Organize and Display Your Legos -

    How to Organize, Store & Display Your Legos – Part 2

    Welcome to Part 2 of “Lord Business Lego Camp” Lego Organization. This post is for those Lego lovers who appreciate the tidiness and order of Lord Business, but also have a bit of a Master Builder rebel side.

    If you haven’t read Part 1 – Some (re)Assembly Required yet, you can visit it here to read about how my five year old son spent much of last summer reassembling thirty obliterated Lego sets in our “Lord Business Lego Camp.”

    In Part 2, I’ll explain how we solved our Lego organization crisis with a solution that pleased the Lord Business (me) and Master Builders (my son, my daughter and my husband) in our house.

    Organize Your Legos

    How to Organize Your Legos – Part 1: Some (re)Assembly Required


    They’re every parent’s dream when a new set keeps your child occupied for a few blissful hours (or minutes) of silence, but every parent’s nightmare when that “it costs HOW MUCH?!” set soon gets crumbled into 520 anonymous pieces, lost forever in the Lego abyss of all your other destroyed Lego sets.

    So, how do you deal with the Lego madness?

    Why You Should Know About Childhood Apraxia of Speech

    Imagine not being able to speak to your family and friends. In your head, you know the exact words you want to say, but when you try to cue your mouth to create the sounds, it ignores your commands, leaving you frustrated, confused … silent.

    Now imagine that you’re also three years old. That’s what it’s like living with Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

    HEB Buddy Buck

    13 Steps of Playing the HEB Buddy Buck Machine

    For those of you who don’t live in Texas, let me take a moment to explain HEB & the HEB Buddy Buck machine.

    HEB is the big grocery chain here. It’s pronounced by saying the actual letters, H–E–B. It is not pronounced Heb, like Jeb, and more importantly, it’s not pronounced Hebe, like the ethnic slur. HEB stands for Howard Edward Butt, (cue giggling children.)

    How to "Fix" an Injured Butterfly in 10 Easy Steps

    How to “Fix” an Injured Butterfly in 10 Easy Steps

    It’s that time of year again! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the leaves are back on the trees. Ahhhh Spring has sprung! Perhaps my favorite part of spring is welcoming the wide assortment of butterflies that come to visit us in our back yard to snack on one of the Crepe Myrtles or get a drink from the birdbath.

    Sadly, from time to time we encounter a butterfly that has been injured. I like to think the injury was a result of some type of West Side Story butterfly street fight but more likely it was just due to the excessive enthusiasm of a two year old with a net and bad aim. There’s not much sadder than the sight of a beautiful butterfly grounded due to a torn wing.

    Touch A Truck Austin

    Win Free Tickets to Touch A Truck Austin

    When you ask kids about the heroes they admire, some may answer with a list of animated Super Heroes like Spiderman and Batman, but more than likely, you’ll hear a lot of responses about the every day heroes in their lives.



    For my son, the heroes are firemen with their giant, shiny, red trucks. He used to watch Fireman Sam non-stop and would stop and stare at attention any time a firetruck drove by.

    The World's Best Sugar Cookie -

    The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER

    I have exciting news for you all – After 42 years on this planet, I have finally achieved my goal in life!

    I know what you’re saying to yourself.  “Wow, I wish I could achieve my goal in life, maybe I should work harder!”  Maybe you should.  Because then you could be like me, 42 years old without a single care in the world, living the rest of my life free and easy because I’m no longer burdened by my life long goal of finding the perfect sugar cookie recipe.