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‘Monday Mini’: The 3 Stages of Playing Boardgames with Cats

Monday mornings are busy.  You’ve got work to do….I’ve got to pretend I’m cleaning the house or something.

So, in honor of Monday mornings, I am inventing the ‘Monday Mini’: A post that’s basically a glorified ‘Facebook post’ which takes me under 5 minutes to do and you under 5 seconds to read.

Today:  The 3 Stages of Playing Boardgames with Cats.

Stage 1:  Awareness



Stage 2:  Obesession


Stage 3:  Destruction




As a sidenote, the featured game today is Sorry! Fire & Ice, which my son received for his birthday and the kids have been playing a ‘haven’t read the rules’ version of for the past month.  Yesterday we actually read the rules for the first time and I’m telling ya, this ain’t your momma’s Sorry!  As a life-long classic Sorry! lover, I was surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did, but aside from both games having a ‘Start’ and a ‘Home’ area, they’re essentially completely different games.  The most important difference is that new Sorry! Fire & Ice takes approximately 47 hours to finish one round.

Prepare yourself:  Hydrate, bring snacks, and for the love of god, keep the cats out of the room.

Happy Monday!

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The Dusty Parachute by Susanne Kerns
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