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It's Really 10 Months - Special Delivery

The Pluses and Minuses of Pregnancy

Not many people know about the challenges that we had getting pregnant with my son, (who I typically refer to as “The 5 Year Old” in my posts.) In fact, before reading my story, “The Pluses & Minuses of Pregnancy” in the new It’s Really 10 Months – Special Delivery anthology, even many of our friends and family had no idea that we had dealt with secondary infertility and suffered through a series of what our doctor called ‘chemical pregnancies’ before finally getting pregnant with the 5yo.

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Cheers To You - From

Cheers to You!

When my daughter was four years old, we went to a friend’s cabin for the weekend with a couple of families. My friend and I went for a morning run and when we returned the other mom rushed out to cut us off before we got to the door with a panicked look on her face.

“Everything’s okay now,” she said, which of course makes us instantly start to panic. “We called 911 and the paramedics said everyone should be okay.”

What the?!!!

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Blog U - Middle School Awkward or Middle Age Awesome?

Blog U: Middle School Awkward or Middle Age Awesome?

I had the weirdest dream:

I’m sharing a couch in a hotel bar with “I Just Want to Pee Alone” NYT Bestselling Author, Jen Mann. Our conversation meanders from our mutual admiration for Hugh Howey to me giving her shit about the fact that her rental car has manual roll-down windows. We then somehow make the connection that I was in the PTA with a book blogger that she follows. The next thing I know, Kim Bongiorno (Let Me Start By Saying) is next to me dressed up as Urkel performing a “Dancing With the Stars” worthy number with Frugie from Frugalista Blog.

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Dusting Off My Parachute - Shopping Spree

I Went Shopping – Help Me Pick the Winners

Almost two weeks ago I challenged myself to do something that I never do: Go shopping.

I detailed the ‘whys’ in a previous, “Dusting Off My Parachute” post the night before my adventure. The boiled down version is that I hate shopping. I find it completely overwhelming both in terms of the sheer number of choices available and also because I am incredibly thrifty (okay, cheap).

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You’ve Earned Your Stay at Home Parent Sabbatical

It’s official: My ‘baby’ is now a Kindergartener. After ten years as a Stay at Home Mom, both of my kids are now in elementary school and I am here in an eerily (wonderfully) quiet house.

Many of my Stay at Home Parent friends are in the same boat. Some are doing cartwheels down the street, some are bursting into tears every time they see a stroller getting pushed down the street and some are starting to panic.  Sure they’re struggling with the idea of their baby growing up too fast, but they’re also worried about what having their youngest go off to full-time school means for them.

Does this mean it’s time to start looking for a job? Am I still qualified for a job? Do I even want a job? What the hell do I want to do with my life now that it no longer completely revolves around this little person?
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I’m Going to Be in a Book! Martinis & Motherhood – Tales of Wonder, Woe & WTF?!

A couple of weeks ago I received the exciting news that one of my stories was selected to be included in the upcoming anthology, Martinis & Motherhood – Tales of Wonder, Woe & WTF?! which is being published in June by Shannon Day (Martinis & Motherhood) and Tara Wilson (Don’t Lick the Deck) of Tipsy Squirrel Press.
martinis motherhood cover

I’m so excited and honored to have my story included along with 35 other talented authors sharing their stories of the Wonder, Woe & WTF moments of motherhood (and of course, martini recipes.) Read more about the book here.
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