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Our Bathroom Remodel - Episode 9 - Day 102 of a 30 Day Job - The Dusty Parachute by Susanne Kerns Skip to main content
Our Bathroom Remodel - Episode 9 - Day 102 of a 30 Day Job

Our Bathroom Remodel – Episode 9 – Day 102 of a 30 Day Job


Here’s a brief recap of how the past couple of months have gone.

Text from contractor: “When will we be receiving final payment?”
Text from me: “Whenever you finish the work.”

………….no response for a week………………..

Text from contractor: “When will we be receiving final payment?”
Text from me: “Whenever you finish the work.”

………….no response for a week…………………

Finally after about a month of this I suggested perhaps he would like to come see firsthand the issues that I would like repaired. A few days later, I received a visit from my contractor’s business partner. (This *may* be because of something simple, like the contractor was out of town, or it may be that I’ve driven him crazy to the point that he can’t be in the same room with me anymore.)

He finally sent someone to resolve the #2 issue of some travertine fill that I thought left a little (lot) to be desired.

Did you fill this travertine with sand from the kids' sandbox?
They may or may not have just used sand from the kids’ sandbox on this patch.


We have yet to resolve issue #1: The Medicine Cabinet Door. In fact, we’re going on the third try of resolving the medicine cabinet door issue. The second try (and what is currently in the bathroom) looks like this.ย  (The grey looking spots are just from my camera lens but the caulking, painting and warped wood issues are as they seem.)


It’s as if someone attempted to emboss the state of Texas into the wood panel.
I know painting is hard, that’s why I hire professionals to do it, but…..


So, here I sit, 14 weeks and 4 days into our ‘estimated 4-week’ project, anxiously waiting to share the final “Mission Complete” post about our bathroom remodel.

On the bright side, I have discovered some fun travertine art to keep me entertained while I shower.

One looks like my high school Health teacher if he turned into a dog and was smoking a cigar.

Travertine Art

The other is a unicorn goat with some type of ear infection.

Travertine Art

Our Bathroom Remodel - Episode 9 - Day 102 of a 30 Day Job

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20 thoughts to “Our Bathroom Remodel – Episode 9 – Day 102 of a 30 Day Job”

  1. LOVE the 20 steps to picking out paint color & then forcing your husband to decide between chips & then ignoring him b/c he picked the wrong one. That is totally me. I paint the room in 20 different sample colors & wait months to pick one b/c I can’t make a decision. I HATE picking colors.

  2. I had to laugh about your love hate with RH. I have the same issue – my guest bath next week has a lot of RH pieces (they were having a super sale), but I had the same problem with going to the store and nothing was carried IN the store! $200 in shipping costs later….

    1. Exactly, they don’t have room to store actual merchandise because they need all that space to house their enormous catalogs! ๐Ÿ™‚ And after all that, it ends up I needed the 1″ knobs, not the 1.25″ knobs….Oh dear lord I hope they let me order them over the phone instead of going in the store (the lady let me waive the shipping in store!)

    1. Oh my gosh, it’s such a good thing I didn’t pull out my camera that day. I have a policy not to post pictures of my kids, but I may have had to bend it for those….priceless. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We were debating moving vs. HUGE home reno for about 13 yrs when we finally bought another house a few months back. I chronicled the journey too. Looking at this (just 1 bathroom & you have another) I think I made the right decision. We were going to have to move out for 10? 12? 14? months. I realized we wouldn’t survive & we moved. P.S. you have a lot of toilet paper.

    1. You made a very good decision. The last remodel we did of our Seattle house was a kitchen and 2 bathrooms and all plumbing update of a 100+ year old house. That lasted 8 months and I did take my daughter and move to my mom’s house for most of that time while my husband lived in the 10 usable square feet of the house and got to go outside and use a honey bucket for his personal time. As far as the toilet paper, yes…we do have a lot of toilet paper….that’s not even all of it. (I heart Costco).

  4. When Wolf and I are checking out/lusting after real estate listings, we’ve always said, “Kitchen has to be good. We can remodel a bathroom for cheaper.”

    Now I’m wondering…

  5. Remodeling is always so much..um…fun? Painful? But the end result will be worth it. I enjoyed the humorous spin you put on this. We have to laugh and find the funny through projects like this or we will lose our sanity. We remodeled our kitchen when my last child was born. I came home from the hospital with a newborn and a kitchen that couldn’t be used.

  6. I worked as a project manager for a general contractor and boy could I tell you stories. Construction can be all sorts of fun and you never know if it is going to be you or the client that creates that joy.

    But most of the time the end result provides a lot of joy and that is always fun to see.

    1. Oh, there is some serious eye twitching going on over here. We definitely like things to have their place and be in that place and right now I have no idea where anything is. 4 more weeks…..

  7. Ah, this takes me back to the remodel of our old kitchen before we sold the place. We had similar tile that you had in your old bathroom. I only have one bathroom (I’m hoping we move before Zoe’s a teenager) so that sink picture is pretty accurate! Toothpaste everywhere!

  8. We just had the floors done in our kitchen, dining room and living room, as I mentioned and that had displaced for about a week with only a few rooms to actually live in, but god bless you for dealing with this in the bathroom, as I seriously am not sure I could go through that here right about now, too!

    1. We did a massive remodel of our old house in Seattle – I ended up moving to my mom’s house with my daughter (was 2 at the time) for almost 5 months and there was still a month of finish work when we returned. I’m hoping this goes much more smoothly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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