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I’m a Facebook Girl Living in a Twitter World

My most recent goal for reacquainting myself with today’s digital marketing landscape is learning about Twitter.  I tried getting on Twitter once before so I could follow my brother at the Sochi Olympics, (writing, not competing).  It’s very telling that a) I only followed him, and b) Instead of ever making my first Tweet, I went and wrote about getting on Twitter on my Facebook page.

So, it was with much anxiety and procrastination that I finally signed up for @Dusty_Parachute and two weeks ago finally made my first Tweet.

I quickly proceeded to copy and paste links for all of the blog posts that I had written and sat back with the “If you build it, they will come” mentality, but shockingly, no one came….(Well, some did, but they were mostly interested in selling me 5,000 followers for $24.95 and what appears to be terrorist recruitment).
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